Sunday, June 18, 2006

Drown, you fuckers! Islingtonians don't care

The moral of Nick's latest Evening Standard piece is that it pays to be the right kind of third world peasant. Or, at least, it would pay if there were any actual payoff to be had from Nick's "support". If you're unfortunate enough to be a Bangladeshi from a low-lying area, don't come looking for Nick for help. Global warming may be threatening your very existence, but Nick thinks that "Worrying about the planet is a lifestyle option for those who don’t have to worry about money." (People like Guardian columnist George Monbiot.) If, on the other hand, you are (un)fortunate enough to be a Darfurian threatened with death by machete, then Nick is on the case of those who unaccountably fail to mention your plight (in this instance an Anglican vicar at an exhibition about Anne Frank).

Incidentally, why is the Euston Manifesto silent on global warming? It won't do to say that they can't be expected to cover everything since (a) it matters a lot and (b) they manage to get round to open source software. Can it be because Nick and Norm think that worrying about the planet is a bit of self-indulgence for toffs? Or is it just that they number among their supporters and signatories a whole raft of global warming sceptics (including many American conservatives)?


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