Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Masons again

Nick's got a new post up. I haven't the time to think about it properly, but here's a few questions.

This is an old Staggers article, repeated because "A poll in this morning's Times suggests ...". Anthony Wells has the details of the poll of which there should be more today (8/2/2006. I'm interested in this Freemason question. Anthony:

Populus then asked some questions about attitudes towards Jews and Israel. A bare majority of British Muslims (52%) did support the right of the state of Israel to exist, 30% did not. 31% thought that the Muslim Community should participate in Holocaust Memorial day, while 56% said they should not (21% said they shouldn’t because of Israeli treatment of Palestine, 12% because it ignored Muslim suffering, 20% for unspecified other reasons, 4% said they didn’t believe the Holocause happened).

Personally, I find that more interesting (and hopeful) than a conspiracy theory about a semi-secret organisation.
There is some coverage of the attack on the Agonist and Pravda. Responsibility seems even confused than usual. The Agonist:

It is not clear who the author is, or if he belongs to the group, but in the article, he states the the IBDA group [local a-Qaeda] neither accepted nor outright rejected responsibility for the attacks. He speculates that the attacks might have been carried out by "Kemalist/leftist" groups, who are uncomfortable with the current government, and who threaten with a coup d'etat.

All very odd.


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