Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We watched David Aaronovitch in his prime - another time, another time

And so to bed ...

The site has been in something close to run-off mode ever since the Times paywall, and we've now clearly reached the point at which the ongoing comments moderation liability is more trouble than it's worth (that's not a passive-aggressive dig at commenters, by the way, sorry - it's just that any responsibly run website is a commitment of time and effort). When we lost Aaro, we moved on to Nick, who was much less worth watching. Plus Harry's Place is about five complete cast changes moved on from the vital heart of Decency that we used to watch, and what does that leave us? Standing around arguing about Israel, mainly. Which is a perfectly respectable activity as long as you're nice about it, but it's not like there's a shortage of venues to do so.

So, so long, and thanks for all the good times. The site will stay up for as long as Blogger survives, but I've shut down new comments and it's unlikely that there will be any more new posts. It's been a really good experience in many ways. Cheers.


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