Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gosh, this is almost like that time I used to do a "World of Decency" blog!

Via Marko in comments, we learn of a subtle line-shift from the Henry "Scoop" Jackson Society; "Egypt Needs Reform, Not Revolution" is out and "The Egyptian Moment" is in. I very much hope Marko will keep us up to date on any further shifts.

But more hilariously, hey do you remember that time when Durham University invited some Iranians to a conference and the various Men of Decency were briefly in the market for a form of condemnatory address that didn't include the words "academic boycott"? Turns out that this was a covert op by the State Department!. Oh what larks.


Blogger Tim Wilkinson said...

And there was me preparing this little compilation of HJS columns tracking the increasing probability, climaxing with inevitability, of Mubarak's ousting.


"If Egypt were to deal successfully with a strong Islamist presence, and could solve the problems of the persecution of minority religious groups by Islamists, it could provide a roadmap example for other countries in the region."

"The Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots..."

"The lengths that must be gone to in order to keep the organisation from furthering their political gains, themselves undermine the democratic process, and public confidence in its role."

"The Muslim Brotherhood has undergone no conversion to liberal democracy. Rather, it sees the opportunity to abuse the rudiments of a democratic system to seize power. Just as Hamas (itself an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood) continues to launch terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, and murders its own citizens in Gaza, the Muslim Brotherhood is unlikely to renounce its founding principles [sic] once it nominally gains the status of legitimate political party. "


"For the West and in particular the US, who is a major aid donor to Egypt, the prospect of the Muslim Brotherhood gaining influence is a frightening prospect. Not only are the group known to be active within Gaza in supporting attacks against Israel, but it is also suspected that Iranian influence within Egypt is on the rise, thus adding more weight to extremist ideology that has shown the potential to grow throughout the Middle East. Supporting human rights and voting rights should always be at the top of the agenda for democratic countries wishing to spread their values and promote peace, but when elections can breed extremism and radicalism, a real conundrum exists. The evidence of this is no clearer than the rise of Hamas. "


"Given that the foreign and defence ministries of most Western countries help to softly maintain the largely secular and seemingly stable status quo across the region, decision-makers in capitals such as Washington and London can only evolve their approach. A complete break from past policy could lead to unwelcome disruption. In Egypt, Western countries’ ties to the Mubarak regime help to ensure at least a modicum of peace with Israel."


"for the sake of Egypt’s stability, Mubarak should retain office until September so that under the protection of continuity in governance, the next eight months can be dedicated to the achievement of a smooth transition, affording Egypt a better chance of realising the reforms that its people so clearly desire and deserve. As part of this process, an international collaboration of states, headed by the United States, must assist Egypt in this transitional period, not only to build robustness and support into the process, but to ensure that Mubarak’s promises are kept."

"Just as [sic] Iraq plunged into chaos without the guiding hand of experienced (though admittedly brutally oppressive) governance, Egypt would be in danger of turmoil too should a sudden revolution take course over incremental reform."

Marko's link, 8/2/2011:

"On matters of foreign policy, we must respect the course of any future Egyptian government, but within limits. Should Egypt become a base [sic] for attacks against Israel or the West, then it must expect a robust response."

2/10/2011 06:39:00 PM  
Blogger Tim Wilkinson said...

Sounding a bit 'Holy Blood Holy Grail' there with the 'covert ops' talk, though BB.

2/10/2011 06:39:00 PM  

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