Monday, June 05, 2006

Meow! Back in the knife box Miss Sharp!

I almost missed Aaro's latest dispatch from the road on "Not Being Allowed to See the Da Vinci Code". If you're reading this Aaro, the reason that some Muslims would consider the DVC blasphemous is that it contradicts the Bible, which under some interpretations of Islam has to be considered a sacred text; not as sacred as the Koran obviously but sacred enough to make it blasphemous to disagree with it. I didn't think that fundies of that water were common in India though so I suspect that Dave is right that they're just abnning it because life is fucking dull as a religious elder in India so you grab your chance to make headlines when it arrives.

Meanwhile, Aaro really is getting to grips with this blogging thing; he's run out of ideas so he's inviting people to name films they like and hate in order to tide the comments section over during a dull patch (running competitions to name the Seven Seals of Dacre or create nicknames for Alan Johnson is a completely different thing, naturally). The "censoring films for being stupid" thing is so transparently a comment-generating ploy that I'm not going to bother to read any wider political significance into it.

But then we get this ... zinger at the end:

Should posters want to assign movies they have seen to the banned and unbanned categories, it would be a complete waste of their time and (vide Catherine Bennett) a sure sign of their male inadequacy. But then, when did Catherine ever find anybody adequate? It might be fun, though.

You are not, not telling me that this one isn't personal. When did Catherine find somebody adequate Dave? When? When? Tease.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DA's obviously reading the Guardian or Comment is Free (maybe he's one of the cyber-chauvinists of whom Bennett's been complaining). I would have thought DA secure enough in his masculinity not to bother getting involved in this row, especially as he writes for the establishment paper. Either that, or the whole Norman Johnson thing's getting to him, or he's envious of the comments Julie Bindel's been generating.

6/05/2006 02:39:00 PM  

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