Sunday, January 08, 2006

Congratulations to Backword Dave

Everyone else on the Friday Forecast thread thought that "Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother" would be too corny and obvious, but Dave said no, Nick will do it, and he was right; this week's bragging rights have been won.

Busy busy can't stop for the moment; I'll do the summary later but do have a read of this week's. It is vintage Cohen-in-the-Observer, by which I mean it is shit. It's the perfect reminder that while Aaro's main trope is the politics of middle-aged angst, Nick's is pure and simple middle-class self-flagellation. There are so many references to "liberals", "middle classes", "media types", "people who are always travellers, never tourists" (Jasper Carrott, 1988, I believe) and so on that I practically expected the byline photo to be of Nicko in a leather basque, holding a riding crop and saying "you've been a very naughty boy".

In related news, apparently Nick wonders when the liberal media will start to scrutinise George Galloway. Perhaps this week's col has been ghostwritten by someone recently recovered from a four year coma?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all humility, I should point out that a) GG was the third piece, and I thought we were betting on the leading one. (Is there a word for sub-articles in a column?) b) as a wise man once said, "If you buy lottery tickets for long enough, you'll eventually win a tenner." And c) I nearly wrote in my original comment "If he resists, I'll buy him a beer." But I thought that might look like bribery, and I don't care if Nick or anyone else in the liberal media or the robust Tory press scrutinise George Galloway, and then I thought, "Do I want to have a beer with Nick Cohen?" and "Would he want to have a beer with me, after all the nasty things I've said?" The answer to those is "almost certainly not!"

1/08/2006 05:38:00 PM  

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