Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jesus Christ, it's Saturday night!

blah blah forecast bollocks. I think:

NC: Left anti-Semitism is too soon after appearing in the Staggers. Iraq is not providing much material at present (interestingly, not too many words about that Constitution, are there?) and we've already had Reach Out To The Left Week. So, I'm guessing Darfur, which is always there whenever you need a pint of crocodile tears and a bag of shit to pour over the UN. No, hang on, earthquake in South Asia. We've provided them with loads of aid, so the bastards can stop bombing us.

DA: Earthquake too. The vulnerability, the fallibility. Mother Nature is a far greater force than the terrorrisses.

Update: Actually on reflection one or other of them is bound to have a go at Harold Pinter.

Update Update: Faith schools?


Blogger Matthew said...

Well Cohen's gone for a "why oh why" a committee member of the Workers Revolutionary Communist Party of Iraq has not been on Woman's Hour.

Given she believes the USA and UK states (and Russian) are "one pole of international terrorism in the world today" and "...the war on Iraq cannot be justified by claiming it is 'bringing democracy and freedom' to the people there", can you imagine his reaction if she had?

I suspect it would have involved the words "liberals", "BBC", "elite".

10/16/2005 01:18:00 PM  

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