Friday, October 21, 2005

The benefits to a young journalist of owning a Filofax

Not much to report about NC in the Standard, by the way, and I have mislaid my copy so I can't do extracts from it either. However, he was writing about the Saddam trial (and various other guff I can't remember) and had to execute a rather embarrassing volte-face. If you remember, during a recent Reach Out To The Left Week, Nick waxed lyrical on "Our Criminal Barristers, God Bless 'Em" and "No Matter How Bad The Crime, A Cornerstone Of A Decent Society Is A Fair Trial". This was a bit awkward to square with the need to write a column excoriating Geoffrey Robertson QC for asking that the Saddam trial be moved to the Hague. To be honest I probably agree with Nick that Saddam ought to be tried in an Iraqi court (although I do think it's a bit scandalous that the charges have been so carefully selected so as to ensure that nothing embarrassing to the US and UK comes up during cross-examination), but it was absolutely visible in the Standard column that he was wishing he hadn't gone in so aggressively on the barristers one.

A Filofax could have prevented this minor embarrassment; you can write down important coming dates in them. I suspect that Nick doesn't own one though because they have connotations of the Thatcher era.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a Filofax once. I was given it by a girl in the darts team of the Pineapple in Tufnell Park. She seemed to have a lot of them. Good place, Tufnell Park. To those that hath not, Filofaxes will be given, and to those that hath ... Well they had to come from somewhere, I suppose.

10/21/2005 08:17:00 PM  

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