Wednesday, September 21, 2005

lesbians in the news

I was a bit puzzled too. It was shaping up as a bit of an "airmiles" feature, but Aero just doesn't have the mustache of understanding, the izzy-wizzy-let's-get-bizzy build a platitude and they will come globo-mojo of the blessed Friedman.

It's more like "tramp miles". Aero plods across the historic nations of the East, mumbling randomly to himself about how there aren't any Jews around anymore and last time he was here he was with his girlfriend and she was a lesbian and this bloke he talked to says that public spending in Hungary is too high and have you heard about the price of sponge!

And the young people - the dear, young people - the youth of Slovenia are giving him fixed grins and sidelong looks and edging away from the table as Aaro bursts into tears and says I believed in communism once but she was a lesbian and I was betrayed and it hurts but it doesn't matter because all you young people look so happy now eating, drinking and making love but I couldn't, you see, because she was a lesbian and please, please talk to me because I've got a column to write.

And in next week's thrilling installment, Aaro chews a suasage bap and weeps floods of bitter, silent tears as he listens to Adam Michnik talk about pluralism, democracy, making a stand for freedom and the false opposition between Europe and the United States.

Be there, if you can stand it.

The Rioja Kid


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