Thursday, July 07, 2005

An Olive Branch

Dave, I suspect you read this blog so I'm offering you a deal. In the spirit of solidarity between Londoners, I undertake that if you do not a) try to claim that the bombs in London tell us anything about the Iraq war or b) try to score yet more points off the Socialist Worker's Party or George Galloway, then I will give you more or less a free pass on Tuesday's column (I cannot speak for Rioja Kid or the other Bruschetta Boy, but I am the BB who has been most vituperative so far, so even if they have a go, it won't be anything like as nasty). I will also hold fire on a few unpleasant and personal remarks I was planning to make on last week's. If you really play a blinder in terms of steering clear of hackery (ie if you vet every sentence asking "does this look like something Christopher Hitchens might have said?") it might even herald the start of a new era of mutual respect for AW. If not, then cry havoc and et cetera.

If you're casting around for a theme, I'd suggest writing something about terrorist attacks in Israel, and specifically bus bombs. That's a subject where I'd actually be interested to read what you had to say.

Update: Nice one fella.


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