Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dome D-Dome Dome

No real time to ponder the hidden agenda behind today's dismal attempt to resurrect Cool Britannia (1998 called, Dave, they want their swinging multicultural Britpop London puff piece back). I'm sure that there is one, even if it's just Blair-toadying; as I say you cannot trust him to tell you the time without trying to work an angle on you.

But a couple of links. First, a quick glance at the restos of Gabriel's Wharf suggests that at least half of them have bruschetta on the menu, yum yum (to be honest, I can only read the "stopping off for a priecy salad beneath the Oxo Tower after going to the theatre" paras as meaning "how gosh-dratted jolly it is to get a big pay rise and not have to produce a Sunday col"). And second, it is apparently an obscure NUJ regulation that the incumbent of the Simon Jenkins column must be a vocal supporter of ludicrous white elephant New Labour vanity projects in the East of London.

By the way the missing col has been added to the list without any fanfare; presumably some Times minion has been suitably chastised. Maybe we'll do something on it for a Christmas Special or some such; I would lay into it now, but at the moment it just looks soooooo fucking depressing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re. the Europe column - DA seems to believe that Major's 'wider and shallower' Europe is okay...because Blair's going to implement it. As for the London piece, it's a measure of how centralised Britain is that Manchester was never properly supported in its bid. If Barcelona and Atlanta can win (even allowing for Catalan pride, neither is a national capital), why did it have to be London or bust? (And I was born and raised there)

PS: Do you think DA will ever do a piece on media ownership, or has the Murdoch control chip been inserted as part of his new job?

7/06/2005 10:43:00 AM  

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