Friday, April 06, 2007

Abject Indifference To The Rise Of Radical Islamism

Dear me, it's been a while. I may be about to disqualify myself as an AaroWatcher - I've found a prospective article for Democratiya, which, not only do I understand, but I postively agree with. Of course, the piece, which I urge you to read, may not make the hallowed pages, because it does fail to mention moral relativism, still less seeing it as the root cause for the Holocaust and migrant workers smelling funny. I can't see that Democratiya will reject it, however, as someone very clever once said, "If you publish Oliver Kamm, you'll publish any old crap." If they do, however, a career as David Miliband's ghost writer surely beckons, should young David need to devote himself full-time to not standing as leader of the Labour Party. I, for one, find his efforts toward not standing as leader of the Labour Party somewhat lacklustre and lacking true conviction, doubtless because he has to split his time being Secretary of State for the Environment, and I bet taking dictation and typing all day just fags you out, as well as blogging and stuff.

Via Harry who not only disagrees, but cites Krugman as proof of his case! If he can't even get Steve Tyler's name right, I don't see why we should take him seriously.


Anonymous Fallhammer said...

As with so many things, Douglas Adams was there (or somewhere thereabouts) many years ago. The lifts at the offices of the HHGTTG's publishers even had powers of premonition.

The idea of this was that they could anticipate which floor they would be needed on, to cut waiting times. The reality, as I recall, was that they all hid in the basement. Hmm.

4/07/2007 01:05:00 AM  
Blogger badmatthew said...

The post was weak.

The lifts went to the basement because of their premonition - not anticipation - of thedread arrival of the Frogstar robot.

4/09/2007 04:18:00 PM  

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