Wednesday, February 01, 2006

hostage to fortune watch


If Brown or any other leader is going to try to discover if there’s a market for reticence, they must understand that seeing your face on television can be an addiction that has to be fought. After I’ve been on, I always find myself in front of the bathroom mirror the next morning narcissistically studying my dumpy profile as I mouth opinions on subjects I know absolutely nothing about.

That way madness lies.

Swiftly moving on, a couple of interesting pointers to Nick’s ongoing political evolution in this week’s lucky bag. From the top: the nasty hypocritical media have made our politicians look bad. From the bottom: Our poor kiddies won’t get to be astronomers because there aren’t any grammar schools.

And from the first piece:

The smart move when he becomes PM would be to counter the stunts of David Cameron by restoring decorum and a touch of mystery to Downing Street.

Jesus wept. Our Nick’s turning into Norman StJohn Stevas.

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