Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh grow up, will you?

This is why you need a frequently updated Watch site - taken on its own, this would seem like a more or less admirable note of caution in the face of a howling mob. It needs to be seen in context though - the "please, won't you grow up" lecture is one that Aaro gives us every other week, on nearly every subject.


Blogger Sarah Ditum said...

I think that's a rather good bit of Aaro, although he plunges into glibness a bit when he gets to the rape trial stuff. But it does have the virtue of being specific in its targets, and not just making up straw men to thrash.

Although I did misread the headline and though I was getting a column on what's wrong with Cbeebies.

3/16/2010 01:54:00 PM  
Blogger Chardonnay Chap said...

I thought it was rather a good column too. Had I written about it, I would have noted that I like Aaro when he's wagging the finger for authority when it comes to domestic matters like this, but I don't like it when he wags at me, so to speak, on foreign affairs.

He does start very badly: who is the 'we' who are "so fond of taking our ideas from Scandinavia these days"? Vicki Woods put it rather well in the Telegraph (and slagged off Carol Vorderman in an aside):

Judging by this week’s Question Time, about half of us thinks our child-justice system should be more like Texas, while the other half thinks it should be more like Sweden.

So how much lower is the age of criminal responsibility in Texas than in Sweden? Answer here.

As always, some of Aaro's comments are foul. Read Vicki Woods for a possible explanation.

3/16/2010 02:10:00 PM  

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