Friday, September 28, 2007

Juliet & Ashleen Nakajja

Do we support Harry's Place? Well, as a matter of principle, no. On the other hand, sometimes they get it right. So we back their call for Urgent Help Needed for Juliet & Ashleen Nakajja.

NB: I am not saying that the facts as Harry's Place have reported them are correct in every detail. What I am saying is that we have asylum laws for very good reasons and this looks like one of them, and that the Home Office or whoever is responsible for this (threatened) deportation had better have some very good reasons for doing so.

Oh god, this is going to be one of my more incoherent rants. Suppose Ms Nakajja is guilty of fomenting some kind of terrorism in the UK. I'd still rather that she serve time in custody in this country where we have some democratic control over her treatment, than that she were sent 'home'. (Yes, I do pay taxes.) I believe that Ms Nakajja is innocent of any reason for deportation. But, even if she were not, "Not in my name" is not some laughable slogan of the comfortably insulated but the root of democracy. And you're not against that, are you?


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