Friday, September 07, 2007

Gems from Decentiya

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"Imagine police officers and criminals being legally obliged to obey the same rules during violent confrontations between them — with the police expected to obey the rules despite the moral asymmetry between criminals and the police, and obliged to obey them even if the criminals routinely got away with violating them. "

-- Irfan Kharjawa, very very confused about what policemen are allowed to do in violent confrontations with criminals.

"However, when anti-Zionists attack leading non-Jewish world figures such as George Bush and Tony Blair as 'Zionist', and when Islamists label as 'Zionist' any person or institution deemed hostile to their interpretation of Islam, we can see that a new antisemitic consciousness is emerging, perhaps best summed up as the view that 'The Zionists Are Our Misfortune.' "

-- Mark Gardner reminds us that anti-Semitism is often merely a cover for criticism of Israel.

"And there are rational and blind anti-Americanisms, and they fluctuate with events. Lurking just beneath the surface of the essays are the questions: To what degree is anti-Americanism attributable to the ruinous preoccupations of the occupant of the White House for the last seven years, and to what degree is it susceptible to imaginable policy changes?"

-- Todd Gitlin justifies his nickname "Sherlock".

--Gerard Alexander's "Letter from Iraqi Kurdistan" is impossible to summarise - if you had ever wanted to know what would have happened if Michael Totten had followed an academic career, this is it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still can't get a login, but here goes from the same law and war article:

As anyone who has the misfortune of dealing with it knows, legal language can be highly misleading: it can sound ordinary but be technical; be technical but sound ordinary; sound moral but prescind from morality; and sound amoral while making strong moral presuppositions. At a minimum, then, clarity demands that writers on legal topics distinguish between legality, morality, and optimality.

Um, why would this make things clearer? What would be made clearer by it? Why would this random tryptich make legal discission any clearer than, say, goats, cheese and rhubarb?

9/07/2007 06:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is getting to be good morbid fun. From the review of the Bill Kaufman book:

The website is another popular outlet. The site's title and amateurish design have led more than one confused commentator to mistake it for a left-wing site - an effect which may not be wholly unintentional - but the brains behind the operation belong to an old-right libertarian by the name of Justin Raimondo.

Fearless detective work there. No fooling the Decentiya boys.

9/07/2007 06:59:00 PM  

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