Monday, October 09, 2006

Nick gets a chance to use that delicious "Mooreonification" joke!

Here ye are. God it's wretched. Even the Golden Groundhog couldn't be bothered to stick his head out of the hole when he heard that Nick's theme this week was "Menzies Campbell is given a pretty easy ride on the Today programme" again. For crying out loud. Is Nick trying to bore us into submission? It's certainly working on me.

Look, when commentators with a bit of fire in their belly decide to have a go about "media bias", they at least try to produce some evidence, suggesting that some parts of the story are simply not presented. Nick is content to let his case rest on a completely subjective and entirely arguable view that BBC presenters aren't tough enough on his own favourite bugbears, and that (ridiculously) being in favour of British foreign policy is a view wildly out of the mainstream. I think we have reached an important crossover point here, in that Nick's views on the role of media in politics are now less accurate and more boring than those of Noam Chomsky, which is a pretty bad state of affairs.

A further nudge toward Dacre-land, by the way; does anyone at all think that the example of anti-abortion lobbyists not being given a fair enough crack was chosen at random? Meanwhile, talented working class athletes tend to turn their talents in the direction of football, rather than athletics. Who Da Thunkit?


Blogger StuartA said...

Could you please expand on the inaccuracy of Chomsky's views? I'm intrigued.

10/09/2006 01:50:00 PM  

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