Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Three questions for Dave

Perhaps rhetorical, perhaps not, but since he is this week mostly talking about what recruits young men to extremist revolutionary causes, I'm more interested in something closer to home than "In Cold Blood" (which of course, had as one of its most important themes the fact that the murders were carried out without reason, rather than for a cause of global geopolitical significance).

Dave, when you disrupted that episode of University Challenge with your Eurocommunist mates:

1. What were you thinking about, really? As it seemed then, and as it seems now?

2. Did the global struggle of the working class have nothing, something, or everything to do with it, and if the answer isn't "nothing", then why do you think it was you, rather than other grammar school boys and sons of academics, that decided to devote so much of your life to it?

3. If things had been just a little bit different, if the YOung Communists' League had zigged rather than zagged, doctrinally, during the 1970s, are you really sure that given what you actually did do, broadly in the name of Communism, there is no possible world in which you might not have done something violent?

Just thinking out loud really.


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