Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Near Misses

We'll do anything to move those bloody lizard pics off the front page, so here's another largely spurious post. Let's look again at those Friday predictions. (We need to take note that DA writes in the Times twice weekly now.)

In order we actually had:

Nick Cohen in the Statesman: no show (unless he's in the print version, and someone's bothered to buy it). So 1 point to me.

David Aaronovitch in the Times on Saturday: London Marathon training. Well, I did mention that, but it was the third of my choices.

NC in the Observer: Christ knows really. Rule of law and equality before same turns out to be a good thing, despite Nick's earlier doubts about our wig-wearing friends. (See him in November: "Since coming to power in 1997, Labour politicians have tried to govern Britain from the enemy territory of plutocratic London. All around them have been the City financiers, the CEOs in the corporate headquarters along the Thames, the polished lawyers in the Inns of Court and the media celebs at Wapping, Television Centre and Canary Wharf." (Farringdon Road, still the correspondence address of tehgrauniad and the Observer isn't included, and it's in that dreadful no man's land between Islington proper and the Square Mile. Enemy territory indeed.) Also Fascists and Freemasons. Is he right? I have really no idea. He missed a topical reference: Wolfgang Theophilius was one of the buggers. The only other thing I know about masons are that Tolstoy thought they were all fools (he read up on the secret funny-handshake business in a library while researching "War and Peace") and I once played a grand wizard or whatever-they're-called in a S4C drama, which I never saw on the box. (Anyway, I was an extra.) And all I can say about Masonic Halls is: never trust a straight man with interior decoration. And conspiracy theories. Matthew did predict that -- just the wrong columnist.

DA today. Galloway again. Evil BB, you should have stuck with your first guess. I haven't summoned the courage to read it yet, but it seems like a rerun or a rehash or a vaguely familiar piece.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they're gone now, thank christ. It really was beginning to get to me

1/31/2006 03:34:00 PM  

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