Friday, December 23, 2005

Run, Dave, Run

via Harry's Place, Aaro will be running in the London Marathon. I have made a donation in our name because we are nice.

Update: if Aaro shaved that beard off he would be the dead spit of Nigel Lawson.

Update2: I, the BD Bruschetta Boy, was going to post on this, but on logging in to Blogger I see I've been beaten to it. (Why do blogger pages get cached for me? Is it NTL, or is it an evil capitalist plot? Or both?) Anyway, Dave has a (not yet started) training diary here. I'm also pleased that he'll be running for The Anthony Nolan Trust which "takes back lives from leukaemia by managing, and recruiting new donors to, the UK's most successful bone marrow register." In other words, it complements the NHS. (I'm sceptical about cancer research charities in general: research should be done by drug companies who will eventually profit by a cure; if there's no payoff other than kudos -- which they get anyway -- I can't see why they wouldn't go on 'researching' forever.) Last time I ran the LM, I ran for McMillan which also works with, rather than seeks to replace, parts of the NHS.

I should also point out that Dave's target of £1500 isn't a ceiling: it's what his charity place "cost." If he raises less than that, he'll have to make the difference up, but there's no reason he shouldn't raise more (unless you know of someone running for the same charity who might have a shortfall, in which case you'd save them a few bob, and it all goes to the same cause).

Update3: [BD again] Although when I checked just now, Aaro was over a third of the way to his target, he's had very few donators, given the putative readerships of Harry's Place and Normblog. One reason for this could be that most blog-reading is done on weekdays as a skive by office workers, and many readers are presumably off Christmas shopping or something more interesting. Another could be that a couple of days before Christmas, after the parties, the present-buying, and the next-year-holiday-planning is not an ideal time to be asking for money. But a third reason strikes me: Aaro has not been well served by the generosity of his patrons, who have pledged or given, in chronological order, so far (before tax addition) £50, £100, £10, £75, £50, £80, and £50. There are a lot of blog readers out there, and I'm sure our man would raise more money if they all gave a little money, rather than a few giving a lot. So don't let the fear of being seen as stingy deter you.


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it isn't just you Dave; blogger is caching pages all over the place for me too.

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