Thursday, November 24, 2005

Murray Kempton watch

Or not. There wouldn't be much point, since he's dead. But he did do quite a bit of watching oin his time. This is from his book Part of our Time and may have some relevance to this little project we've got going here.

The night before the feast of St Valentine, 1953, his friends tendered JB Matthews a dinner at the Sert Room of the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria…There came Ben Mandel, former business manager of the Daily Worker; Max Eastmann of the old Masses; George Sokolsky, flame of the anarchist segment of the Columbia University student body before World War 1; Eugene Lyons, rapt biographer of first Sacco and Vanzetti and then of Herbert Hoover; Harvey Matusow, former social activities director of the Communist Camp Unity; Fred J Schlink, co-author of Partners in Plunder, and a dozen others who had lost the way and found it again. Howard Rushmore, who learned about entertainment at the Daily Worker, handled the arrangements…

And there came, as chief among them, United States Senator Joseph R McCarthy.

If you leave the left because the left leaves you, where does that leave you? This is more for Nick's benefit than Dave's. Aaro's far too smart to let his enthusiasms and discouragements blow him into dubious harbours.

Rioja Kid


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