Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blunkett was victim of "Gay Hussar crowd" shocker.

In his Observer column today Nick explains the Blunkett/Quinn farce as the result of demographics. Apparently London is comprised of poor people, suburban people, the New Labour Government and "plutocratic London". The last is further classified as "carnivores" (city financiers, CEO's and lawyers from the Inns of court") and herbivores (metropolitan liberals including the notorious "Gay Hussar crowd" and all employees of The Guardian/BBC/Independent/New Statesman). All the herbivores hate New Labour (Nick doesn't say why) and therefore MP's and Ministers rely on the carnivores for a social life and policy ideas (privatisation, deregulation and tax cuts). You can't blame them really can you. Oh and that Piers Morgan tried to buy drugs from Blunkett and Cherie Blair is insincere.


Blogger Matthew said...

Right at the end he throws an Oliver* Branch to the Left though, rather oddly, saying the 'herbivores' had it right all along.

* Whoops, Olive Branch. These Decents are taking over my mind.

11/07/2005 08:47:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Well spotted, I didn't mention the last bit about the herbivores being right all along, because I couldn't work out what he was on about.

11/07/2005 09:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is quite often hard to work out what NIck Cohen is on about, he thinks he is a great stylist, but actually he is often confusing. However, I think you have missed a point here.

Nick C. is saying that Blunkett was seduced by the powerful, right wing and rich. The left have some small share of blame in that because the "Gay Hussar" types are too negative, and offer no support at all to Labour even when it does good, but the main blame lies with Ministers like Blunkett hanging aroundat Annabels, with the Spectator crowd and with the rich generally. They should have stuck to their old lefty prejudices. A fair point, but an odd one for Cohen to make.

As he too has so obviously been seduced by the Rich and Powerful, but on Foreing Policy issues. Shocked and awed by US power, he thought he could hitch his own foreing agenda to American military might: After all , Nick Cohen also hung around at Annabel's, although in his case to meet Paul Wolfowitz. Nick too has hung around the right wing press, righting pro-war articles for the Telegraph (Nick railed against the corruption of Conrad Blakc, but carefully ignored the way he promoted Black's foreign policy agenda and took his money). Indeed his recent promotion of the unpleasant Theodore Dalrymple as an analyst of Britaon's race woes (you should read Dalrymples pieces in the Spectator or Telegraph to get a flavour) shows he is still a bit of a Telegraph admirer. In short Nick has been sucked into a right wing agenda in exactly the same way as Blunkett

11/08/2005 02:46:00 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Anons analysis is good, and makes me wonder whether the last bit at the end was a cry for help by Nick, implying he feels imprisoned by his new right-wing friends and political views. Another clue might be his use of the word 'prissy', as the last time he used that was when he was attacking the 'herbivores' for supporting the war in Afghanistan, and -- there's not point being prissy about this, as he told us - making Britain a target for terrorism.

11/08/2005 10:33:00 PM  

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