Sunday, October 09, 2005

They get letters

... very good spot this one (scroll down)

I found myself in broad agreement with Nick Cohen ('Hands off the NHS', Comment, last week), until the barbed final sentence, where he comments that the NHS might not be able to cope, 'the next time the Islamists come'. Does he believe the NHS would cope better if the Irish republicans returned, or there's a fire in a tube station or, probably most likely, a bog-standard privatisation-fuelled train crash? It is a sign of bigotry to hitch a pet hate onto an otherwise sensible point.

"Simon Joyce" is not currently a member of the Aaronovitch Watch team (at least I don't think he is, I've certainly lost track of which Bruschetta Boy is which these days) but if he wants to be, there's certainly a place here for him; the email address is in the right hand column.


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