Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I wonder if I can be bothered doing this

Of course, Decent Dave, showman to the last, couldn't bear to leave the stage without giving the audience one more glimpse at what they love him for (major factual errors)
And there most certainly is a leftwing case for funding the expansion of higher education through fees that are repayable on graduation into the qualified middle classes, especially when linked to a substantial package for supporting students from poorer backgrounds.
As those of us who took an interest at the time know, neither the "repayable on graduation into the qualified middle classes" element, nor the "linked to a substantial package" element, were in the Bill that Blair and Clark put before the House. Both of them were introduced as concessions to the lefty backbench awkward squad, who got called "a hollow rebellion" for their pains, motivated by "vanity" and "self-righteousness".


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